Challenge Friday; Week 1

7:59 AM

Since I have taken on some challenges for the year, I thought a weekly update was order.   This week things have gone rather slowly and I haven’t worked on any of my challenges nearly enough.   I am hoping to catch up on my memorizing and reading this Saturday and Sunday.

I did do one thing, I picked out 20 books I wanted to read and took a picture of them.

Are you working on a Challenge?  How is it going?

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  1. It's okay to have a slow week sometimes. :) Don't stress it (you always catch up! *hugs*).

    Oh, I like your stack of books! :D The Elijah one near the bottom looks to be in the same series as an Esther one I want to read this year! :D We have some of those missionary books that you have in your stack too - they are great.

    Keep up and don't lose heart! ;) You can do it!!

    Love you lot's!

  2. Shalom! been following your blog but I thought I'd comment today.

    Personally I don't do book challenges because I love to pick up and flip through whatever book I feel like reading,a nd that works really well, because since I was a wee toddler till now I can read lots of books and fast.

    Anyway, I'd read Viola's, "Pagan Christianity" before, when I moved to a house church. It was lent to my family. It's good as far as historical information goes, but the author does take it to some extremes that you can't have anything like a "normal church" at all, and that his way is the only way and the NT way.

    I was much more impacted by the house church ministry in India, this book here, It is interesting their perspective and take on different things, but their emphasis is clear and true - they are taking Christ's model for assembling, preaching the gospel, even down to direct instructions like "Greet each house you enter with peace". And it's working! Last year, more than a million people were baptized in India. I went to see for myself. It's not "mass evangelism".

    It's a gentle movement that does not impose western culture on Indian society because the only thing we need every preach is Christ.

    Another book I would totally recommend is Eric Metaxes's Bonhoeffer, as well as any book by Bonhoeffer himself. I also love reading Art Katz.


  3. Rachel, thank you for your encouragement.

    Rebekah, You might as well know now that my idea's on church are "extreme". I have read several books that are similar to Pagan Christianity and I agree that most of the way we do church is not in line with the New Testament. Now, I have not gone to the extreme as to say that how we do church is evil/wrong. I just think we could do better. I think that what the books that I have read have made me realize is the American has (in general) drifted away from being relationship oriented and have become performance oriented.

  4. Shalom! I didn't mean anything wrong about extreme. I am rather "extreme" too if it comes to that! I do agree with a lot of things in Pagan Christianity.

  5. Rebekah,
    Shalom! I also think I should have added that a I agree with you, some of the things in the book, and books like have I disagree with.
    Oh, and thank you once again for taking the time to comment.