Day 1 of my trip to Delaware

12:28 PM

We were all a little nervous about meeting in person for the first time but as soon as we saw each other, we lost all our shyness and went straight for a hug.

After Jessica and I hugged, we wanted to switch partners but Rose and Rachel had other ideas ;)

Headed for the beginning of two wonderful weeks together!

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  1. We were kind of nervous about meeting you guys too...but God worked it out so well! :D

    And yes, about the hugs...I think Rose and I worked ourselves up into a frenzy and were relieving our stress out in that hug. ;) HeHe! We needed a pretty big hug! :D But then I wanted a hug from you we let go (and then got another hug later on). ;)

    It was soo much fun seeing you both for the first time!

    Love you both lot's!

  2. I'm glad that you all finally got to meet! Great pictures Sarah! :D


  3. See the problem was is Sarah and Jessica give too short of hugs. I so enjoyed meeting them.