My Christmas

11:30 AM

I can hardly believe that the New Year is just around the corner.  This year has gone by so fast it is hard to believe. But before we jump into 2011, I want to share with you about my Christmas.

Although Christmas isn’t our major holiday (Easter is), we have a lot of fun celebrating it.  As with every holiday at our house, we give it our own little twist.  One of my favorite things we do differently is that we make Christmas last all day.  We open gifts one by one, enjoy them, spend time together and eat between gifts.   Pretty fun, right?

Another thing that you will find very different in our house is the decorations.  While we do have a tree, a beautiful one that our grandmother gave us that we enjoy, we have nativities everywhere.  In this way remind ourselves of the reason for the season.

Probably the oddest thing we do on Christmas is we turn off all electronics for the most part.  If fact, this year, we took off almost a week to spend time together.  It is hard sometimes for me, who is used to spending about four hours a day alone writing on the computer, to not turn it on but is it a good reminder of what is really important.

One of the last things we do on Christmas is turn off all the lights, light candles and sit around singing Christmas carols.  It is a perfect way to end out Christmas festivities and I think a perfect way to end this post.

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  1. Oh how delightful! :D I like the way you all spend Christmas :) It sounds so cozy all of you laughing and having a good time unwrapping gifts throughout the day. :)

    We each opened one gift and the things in our stockings then had to start preparing breakfast as my aunt and uncle were coming down by a certain time...then we spent a good deal of time with them, and later opened our remaining gifts. :) I must confess that this year we were rather lax in doing anything that we normally do in celebrating Jesus...with me being sick, and mom and Jessica having just gotten over being sick, we missed out on a few things this year. :(

    Glad you had a good Christmas. Hope your family gets over your colds soon!
    Love and Hugs! :D

  2. How lovely! I especially like the part about turning off the lights and singing carols. I've asked my sister-in-law to come over and play hymns to bring in the new year. She plays much better than I do!

  3. Thank you for sharing, Sarah! I also find it difficult to take a week off the week of Christmas (and to not even turn on the laptop Christmas day) but, especially this year, I needed it! You are a blessing!