Movie Review; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

9:48 AM

Movie Rating; PG

My Rating; (On a scale of 1-10) 8

Age recommendation; 14 and up

I have so looked forward to this movie since I knew that they were going to make it.  It is one of the only ones that I have ever kept up with the process, or watched while it was still in the theaters.  So today I would like to give you my review.

My first two impressions after leaving the theater was that, one, they had followed the book a lot closer than they did with Price Caspian.  Two, it was darker than the past two.

Someone who loves the book will be happy to find more of the original dialog in the movie and the characters more in line with the books than they were in the last one.  Even where they didn’t follow the dialog or story plot perfectly, I thought they captured the spirit of the book much better.

Some people might be surprised at the age recommendation I gave but as I said, the movie was darker than the last two.  Without giving too much of the movie away, I will just say that they are battling the Island of Nightmares long before they reach it.  The sea serpent scene is very intense and even I wished it had been a little shorter.  I strongly urge parents to read up on the movie, find some pictures or maybe even go to see it before they take their thirteen year old or easily scared child.

As with every Narnia movie, it still had that wow factor, that humor that we have come to love as well as the powerful messages.  I was on the verge of tears at the last scene as they say good-bye to Narnia.  Wow, It wasn’t a feel good ending but it was very powerful and got me to thinking.

There are some incredible lessons in the movie, such as, fighting the evil (sin) that exists in all of us, sometimes what we wish for isn’t what we really want, not trying to be someone else, and much more.

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  1. I love these books, and the movies, though I was frustrated when they deviated quite a bit in Caspian from the book. Thanks for the review!