Chickens; Proof of Creation

9:00 AM

I bet none of your creation versus evolution courses taught you that chickens were overwhelming proof for creation. You don’t believe me, do you? Well, here are some things that we have learned about chickens that prove that they could not have survived if evolution is true.

1. Chickens will lay their eggs anywhere, even though we make nesting boxes, they seem to love putting them on the ground. The problem with this? They lay their eggs in easy places for snakes, possums and any other egg-seeking creature.

2. As if to announce to cats, snakes and any other nearby creature, baby chicks peep loudly so that anything and everything will hear them.

3. Chickens have no brain cells; at least I don’t see any signs of it. We have had so many laughs. When my brother goes inside the coop and closes the door, the chickens will run around and around the coop looking for him. They do this every time, year after year; not one of them has figured out that he goes inside the coop, even when he leaves the door wide open!

4. Chickens have no ability to defend themselves. They will scatter into the woods if you let them out, even though their best chance for survival is in a group. Some of them have bright color and they are the ones that always like to be out in the open.

5. Chickens snore at night. That’s right; if you go out at night you can hear them making all sorts of noises. I guess this is to help the raccoons find them easier.

There it is - five great reasons to believe in creation.

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