Guest Writers

8:33 AM

Would you like an opportunity to write about what God has been teaching you? We are looking for guest writers for our blog, Meditations of His Love. In two weeks we will be posting three guest posts, and one of them could be yours! Here is what you need to do.

1. Write a post that about five hundred to seven hundred words long on what God has been teaching you.

2. Send your guest post to me, Sarah, at thedestinyofone(at )yahoo(dot)com along with your blog or website address, if you have one.

3. Hopefully you will be picked and your post will appear on the blog, along with a link to your blog/website. Now that sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Have fun writing about what God has been teaching you! I am looking forward to reading your submissions.

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  1. Hi Sarah-just wondering what, if any, age requirement you have on the writing submission for your blog ?

  2. No,there are no age requirements; anyone is welcome to submit. I

  3. I would love to do this but typing that many words with only one good hand, is quite challenging. Would it be okay if I sent something in at a later date?

  4. That would be fine Elizabeth. We will need writers in the furtue as well. Hope you get feeling better soon!