On this Monday

9:11 AM

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new work and school week. I love Monday’s, because it means getting back to work I love to do; writing and teaching my siblings. The writing I need to get done has been piling up due to the fact that I didn’t do much when I was sic. Now, UI have a few articles that are begging to be written and a book that needs to be worked on. I also have my Bible courses to work on and a younger sibling to help get caught up with school.

Yes, this Monday promises to be a busy one so I better get going. What is your Monday going to be like?

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  1. For me, Monday is usually the slowest day of the week. I don't really have anything to do on Monday's so I get kind of bored sometimes.


  2. For me my monday's are usally spent, in the morning getting the laundry caught up on from being out on Sunday and sometimes Saturdays. And my afternoons are usally spent doing my school work.

    Being the eldest from a family of 7 our mondays are usally busy, with school ect, ect.

    Enjoy your day!