I’m Back!!!!!!

10:46 AM

My Modem is still not working but we got another computer connected to the web and I will now begin posting again. I sure missed posting and reading all of your comments and am very glad to be back. Tomorrow, we will discuss the points of the “show” but today I wanted to tell you about things that are going on in my life and hear what is going on in yours.

First of all, I would like to ask for your prayers, I have been suffering from cedar fever for the past few weeks. I have days when I feel like I am getting over it and then the cedar count starts claiming again and I feel worse. Thank you for your prayers.

Second, I have several goals for the New Year and one of them I could really use your help with. As most of you probably know, I struggle with spelling and grammar (makes me wonder sometimes why I write). If you notice spelling and grammar errors in my posts, please, please, please, let me know (is it bad grammar to use the word please three times in a row?). Another of my 2009 goals in to get message board up and going so that we can get connected. Do any of you have any thoughts or ideas about that?

The third thing that I would like to mention is that I am so glad that all for you are here. Thank you guys for sticking with me though my technology troubles; I was afraid that I might lose all my readers. For you who might be new to my blog, I hope that you will come back and join us again.

Well, I guess that is all for right now. What are ya’ll up to? (I love use the word ya’ll, it’s such a good Texas word).

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  1. Hey Sarah,
    Glad your back!

    I just wanted to write in with a recommendation for your spelling. I used to have terrible spelling. It was pretty much terrible all the time. When I was in high school, my mom found this great curriculum which helped me with my spelling immensely. In fact, if she hadn't gotten this curriculum, I probably would still be terrible at spelling.

    Unlike a lot of spelling books and things, this curriculum went through and taught you all of the spelling rules. It was much easier to remember how to spell things once I understood the rules of spelling.

    Most curriculum's just have you memorize how the word is spelled. This one, shows you how to help yourself spell words even if you have never spelled them before. This is because you know the rules of spelling

    Like the rule- "I" comes before "E" except after the letter "C" and in words that are pronounced "aye" like neighbor and weigh.

    The curriculum isn't this big book either.

    It is actually supposed to be for younger kids. However, I used it in high school and found it to be very helpful. I was sometimes embarrassed by my bad spelling. After I got this curriculum, I didn't feel bad about it anymore.

    All that it is, is two books. They have a book one and a book two. That's it. No teachers guide or anything. that's because you don't need it. I am pretty sure it is not to expensive.

    The name is... "Apples: Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students"
    By: Susan Kemmerer

    There is a sequel to this book and it is called "Apples 2: More Daily spelling drills for secondary students."

    I know this is for more middle grade kids, but if it works, then who cares. I did it in high school and it really changed my spelling. It also helped me be better motivated. Because my spelling wasn't so bad anymore, I began working on my handwriting skills and now my spelling and handwriting have both improved.

    I will also try to remember to let you know if I see any spelling and grammar mistakes. Although, I also don't want to make you feel bad by doing it to often or something.

    Hope this helps,

  2. Yeah! I am so glad your back! Missed you! (and no, we wouldn't leave you!) =:) I will surely keep you in my prayers, hope you feel better soon!

    Are you sure you want me to pick at you about your spelling and grammar? I can be pretty tough sometimes! =;) Ask Jessica!


    P.S. - If you go to the Maxwell's site on our blog list, they have a girls forum (you have to be invited to it though I think) and you can ask them how they set up theirs if you want. Other than that, I am no help at all, sorry. =:(

  3. great to have you back, Sarah!
    I love using the word "ya'll" too and I am not from Texas, I live in Delaware! I can't help using things like that that I like in my daily talks and chats. Doesn't matter where it came from, if I like it I use it! LOL!


  4. I'm glad your internet is back to normal! I know all about bad connections with me living on the mission field, so you don't have to worry about losing me as a reader ;) I totally understand about things like that!
    That's a good goal for the year. I have decent Grammar and Spelling, but I still have a bunch to learn! Such as there is a difference between 'then' and 'than' Haha! Well, I'm learning, anyway ;) Good to hear from you again!