Slow Recovery

10:38 AM

My leg is healing very slowly. It's in a lot less pain, but I still can't put weight on it. It's been discouraging at times, as I don't like sitting day after day. Also, crutches are a lot harder to walk on then they look. Just moving a handful of times a day is tiring. Yet, I have so many things I'm grateful for. Here are a few:

  • A family that doesn't get tired of bringing things to me. They are the best.
  • The litter of puppies that I can watch and that makes me smile.
  • Our porch swing and the lovely weather we are having
  • My courage and hope bracelets that I'm wearing a lot to remind me to have the courage to do what is right that my hope is in God during this time.
  • Updates from my brother who is boldly serving God and those with Covid-19 in New York.
  • Iced tea.
  • Pain mediations.
  • Ice packs.
  • A sister who is helping me at my job
  • Prayer coverage from so many.
Yes, I have a lot to be grateful for

I have a confession. I had a large number of books started and I decided that this week, I was going to focus on finishing them. I'm happy that I succeeded in doing that.

I listened to this book on Scribed (you can get two months for free by clicking HERE). I knew nothing about this man going in. It is always powerful to here about people who sacrifice so much for our LORD. 

This was the classic my friend Kelsey and I read this month. It was amazing!

I've been working through this series and this is the best one so far. I love the narrator. 

Okay, this story is just what I needed when I couldn't sleep because my leg was hurting. It was a sweet romance with unique characters. I probably wouldn't love it as much on a normal day.

I've been slowly working my way through this. I started it after finishing Pride and Prejudice. This is a sweet look about what might have happened to Jane Austen's beloved characters after the close of her classic tale. I enjoyed it.

I was very excited about this non-fiction book. Rest is a concept that our culture misses, but it's so important. This book had a lot of good things to say but sometimes didn't feel well organized. Yet, I also appreciated how grounded it was in scripture. 

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  1. Glad your leg is better. Stay well and safe. God Bless.
    Marion and Marilyn

  2. Crutches are so hard, aren't they?!?! :( I'm Sorry. I will be praying for you! <3