It's Corona Season

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This season has been so odd for all of us. For me, it has been an odd contradiction. After all, so many plans have been canceled. Yet, with me still working, and with most of my family home, I've had less time than usual to work on my stuff. Well, until now. 

On Monday, I got home from work and started putting up some things. As I was putting a box up on a shelf above my head, I felt like someone had hit the back of my leg with a heavy object. I dropped everything and hobbled to a nearby chair. It seems I've either strained or torn my calf muscle, It's pretty painful and getting to the doctor is a bit of a challenge so prayers for wisdom and healing would be appreciated. 

As for what has been going on in my life...One of the hardest things about this time is our slow internet. I know, many people have been experiencing slower speeds. We've never had internet fast enough we could stream movies or have video chats. This is making this time a little more challenging. We've been very blessed that we had just switched to a new cell service that gives us a little more high-speed data than our last service. We each switch off who uses their data to stream our church service. If you would like to join our church next week, you can HERE.
The wildflowers have been amazing. It's a little hard to see. All that blue in the picture is bluebonnets!

On the writing front, it's been exciting! I finished my story for the A Very Bookish Thanksgiving novella collection. I'm about to dive into planning out the rest of my writing year. The next project up for writing is the next Kate book!

One of the real blessings during this time, our sweet dog Belle had puppies! We often just go and watch their antics. They are so much fun. One of the puppies looks exactly like his papa, Luke, our other dog. We may be keeping one of the puppies, but a couple of them have already been spoken for. I don't think it's going to take us long to find good homes for all of them.
As always, we celebrated Passover. While we weren't able to share it with the Larkin family or my friend Kelsey as planned, we had a wonderful time, remember what Jesus has done for us. It's in times like these that those reminders are important. 

Easter, of course, looked different this year. I missed celebrating it with my church family. However, we found ways to make it special. Rose and I put on our Easter dresses to watch church and our family took a long walk in the beautiful weather. 

I really loved this book. It convicted me and also encouraged me. I highly recommend it.

I didn't love this book, but I did love the narrator. 

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  1. Hope your leg is better. Glad you had a nice Easter. Stay well and safe.

  2. Hi Sarah, Sorry abut your leg. Hope it is feeling better soon. Blessings to you and yours during the Easter time.