Who is the Tales of Taelis series for?

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When I pick up any book, I like to go into it knowing who it's for. So, for those who have been wondering if the Tales of Taelis series is for them, here is a look into who I wrote if for.

I wrote this with tweens and young teens in mind. When I was eleven, I was hard-pressed to find things to read. I was bored with the youth books, but not mature enough to handle a lot of the content found in adult books. I ended up reading mostly non-fiction. This series is the kind of book I wanted to find: adventure, excitement, dealing with real problems but not sad, scary, or dealing with things in an adult level.

These stories explore deep heart struggles. Is God good when bad things happen? Why is forgiveness important? What's going on when siblings are always arguing? Where is my identity found? How can I handle all my hopes and dreams shattering into a thousand pieces? All these have been addressed in one of the Taelis books. Young people need these truths but will understand them better when wrapped in a story that isn't over moralized. If a young person is struggling, stories are often a good way to reach them.

When I was younger, I loved adventure stories. I ate up books by G.A. Henty, because there was always something exciting going on and the stories moved quickly (well, except for a few times when he was giving a history lesson. This series is all about adventure stories. While that doesn't mean there is action non-stop, I wanted each story to be exciting and full of things that would keep the readers interested.

I wanted to write characters that younger people could both sympathize with, and admire. These books do not contain perfect characters, However, they do contain characters that learn their lesson and strive in the end to honor God with their lives.

Are you a young reader? What are you looking for in stories? Are you an older reader? What kind of books did you want to read, but couldn't find as a kid?

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