What this Single Would Like to See in More Fiction

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There is very little in fiction about singles. By that, I mean that while there is a lot of books about people meeting and falling in love, there aren't a lot of books about girls that begin and end the book in a single state with no guy on the horizon.

I've recently been inspired by Tero's book Wedding Score (no romantic ending) and Emma and the Reasons by Metzler (three single girls, and marital status doesn't change for all of them). Both these books are books that are filling a big void in the reading market. Here are some things this single (meaning me) would like to see more in fiction.

Probably my biggest hope would be to see more joyful singles in books. I started a book that I was excited about because it was about some older single ladies that weren't all married in the end. They were all a pretty depressing group. I want to see more stories with main characters and side characters that have singles who are filled with the joy of the LORD.

While I want to see more joyful singles, I would also like to see the painfulness of singleness address with biblical counsel. Too often, in real life and in fiction, flippant and unbiblical responses are given. The pain is real, but I don't want a flippant "You're still young" or "The guy is just around the corner." I want to hear about where God wants my focus to be right now.

If I could snap my fingers and just make a story appear out of thin air, I would choose to have it be a humorous book about a single. Because really, sometimes you just need a good laugh.

Most of all? I want to see more stories about courageous singlehood.  I want novels that inspire me to live my life not sad about what I don't have, but to be reaching for God's best for me in the here and now.

What about you? What would you like to see? Would you read a book about a single person who wasn't married or in a relationship at the end?

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  1. I agree wholly with what you're saying! I'd like to see more books like this, too. It'd almost be like a whole new sub-genre.