Saturday Snippet: Alditha and William Meet

1:00 AM

“William!” Eleanor squealed with delight and raced toward her brother.
The young man spun around, and his arms opened wide. He had a grin so wide his face could barely contain it.
Alditha’s lips parted. William, Eleanor’s brother, was none other than her rescuer. He and Eleanor shared the same blue eyes. His sandy-blond hair, the same color as his sister’s, hadn’t been cut in some time. It hung halfway to his broad shoulders.
“You,” Alditha breathed.
William seemed to have heard her. He peered over the shoulder of his sister. His eyes flickered with recognition, and he straightened, sending a smile Alditha’s direction. “Well, if it isn’t the maiden who took a tumble into the well.”
“I… You saved my life.” Alditha struggled to find the sufficient words to thank her rescuer.
“You saved her life?” Eleanor’s eyes darted between her brother and friend.
William gave a dismissive wave of the hand. “Say nothing more about it. I would have rendered the same service to any maiden, or man for that matter.”
“But I…”
“William? You were the one that saved my new friend from falling to her death? Oh, thank you!” Eleanor wrapped her arms around her brother’s waist.
William threw his head back and let out a hearty laugh. “I say your debt has been paid in full by my sister. That, and she has told me much of you and how she values your friendship.”
“If you’re sure.” Alditha’s lips tugged upward.
“I am sure.” His voice was full of sincerity. “Now, what have you brought to eat? I am as hungry as a mountain lion.”

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