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This week has been very full. On Friday, I had my first Physical Therapy appointment, followed by one on Monday and another one scheduled for next week. I finally have answers to what has been causing the pain in my arm for so long.

I have a compressed nerve in my shoulder.

I prayed about what I should do and I found Apex Manual Therapy and Dr. Alicia Shugart. She spent a long time assessing my movements. It's amazing what happens when you talk to experts. You know how doctors will say "hold up your arm and don't let me move you?" When Dr. Shugartdid that test on my left arm and then my right arm, I suddenly realized that the problem was a lot larger then I had thought. While my left arm (my weaker side) was able to hold up okay, my right arm almost immediately collapsed. After the first visit, I was already feeling stronger and had more mobility.

Of course, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have to change a lot of habits so I heal and don't redamage my shoulder. A huge part of this was changing my desk. My parents were wonderful and helped me buy a brand new desk that adjusts so that I can either stand and work or sit and work. I already am using it (if fact I'm standing at it right now). I still will be making adjustments and talking with Dr. Alicia Shugart to make sure that I'm standing and sitting at it correctly, but changes are being made.

When I haven't been at work, doing exercises, or working on my posture, I've been spending time in the garden. Lettuce, onions, and peas and now planted, soaker hoses are laid out, tomato cages are in place. I even have a couple of things already sprouting in the greenhouse! I'm really excited.

Also this week, the same day as my first PT appointment, in fact, was the meeting of the young adults from my church. I've missed the last few meetings. I was so happy to make it. We had awesome tacos and laughed a lot over a game of Codenames. If you've never played it, you should try it out, especially if you are into word games. If you are ever in Round Rock Texas on the third Friday of the month, you should join us. Of course, our young adult's group just got upgraded. We are now Thrive! However, someone keeps changing the name on the GroupMe app. It now says we are Thrive on Tacos Support Group. Our group has a thing for tacos. 
*cough* I'm the one that keeps changing the group name *end cough*

This was much longer than the other Verne books I've read, but I really enjoyed this one. I read some in paperback and listened to a good part of it on Librivox. It was a fun, classic adventure tale.

It's been far too long since I've read one of this authors books. They are always so much fun. 

This was a very sweet story.

What have you been up to and reading?

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  1. Glad that you are getting help with your shoulder and arm. I am reading "The Path To Freedom" by Michael Collins. It is the author's speeches he made for a Free Ireland.

  2. Hi Sarah, So happy to hear that you are feeling better. Enjoy your new desk. I am reading "The Rebels Of Ireland" by Edward Rutherfurd, it has 800 plus pages.. It the sequel to "The Princes Of Ireland" this one is 700 plus pages.

    1. Wow! I admire your dedication to those long books.