What is a Christian?

8:01 AM

What makes a Christian a Christian? This is one of the things that the book, “So You Don’t Want to go to Church Anymore” asked us to review. The answer seems like it would be so simple, so easy, but in fact this question led us to one of our most life changing realizations. The reason for this: we had fallen into the same trap that the Pharisees had fallen into. We did so many good things for God - like wearing dresses, homeschooling, going to a Bible Church, giving to missionaries, etc. However, we had lost sight of the only thing that really matters; having a growing personal relationship with the God who loves us.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think doing good things are always bad (we haven’t stopped giving to missionaries and all the other stuff I mentioned). However, we need not to become like Pharisees and get so hung up on good moral lives that we lose sight of the God who loves us and wants a relationship with us.

I don’t mind discussing this issue if you have questions or concerns about this issue. I don’t feel like I did the best job addressing this issue that is so close to my heart right now, but I felt led to share it with you.

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  1. That is an excellent point Sarah! Ans something that I have been thinking of lately too. It's not enough to dress modestly, plan on doing courtship, remain pure, and act like a Christian should. It needs to be so more than that!

    One of the things that I try to do is to keep up with my personal devotions. Also, our family sings together and has family devotional time in the evenings, so I think that helps us with this problem too. I certainly don't want to be like the pharisees! :)

    Love and Hugs!