Bits and Pieces

8:22 AM

This week, we have had a nice break from the 100 degree weather. It has been nice to wake up to a 72 degree world and be able to get some work done before it gets hot.

Thank you all for your prayers for rain. With all that has been going on lately I forgot to tell you that one day about a week and half ago an isolated thunderstorm dropped two and half inches at our house. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

I know I asked ya’ll this not too long ago, but I didn’t use your answers at the time, so I am asking again; is there anything you would like me to post on?

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  1. Great! That's wonderful! We have been enjoying nice weather here the past few days as well! Nice cool breezes! :)

    Uh, well, you could post on what you've been up to lately. ;) Haven't talked much to you because you've been off-line for awhile. I know you had people sick or something recently (it seems to be going around everywhere! Lol).


  2. Where I live, we've been experiencing that kind of weather as well. Enjoy!=)