Who is Sarah?

I, the daughter of the King of Kings.
Accepted Jesus in my heart at an early age and have never regretted it. That doesn't mean that there haven't been times when I have doubted, or when my faith has been refined and tested, but I have never regretted my decision.
I hope I am always growing and learning. I have dealt with anxiety and depression, I have a hard time letting go of the things that burden my heart, I have mistakenly based my morals on being relatively better than the other people around me, and I also experienced contentment in where God has me, gained moments of insight, and seen myself and others stand up courageously for what is right. I have known what it feels like to be at a stand still, explored the reasons for some of my lifestyle choices, and have learned about honoring authority
I blog about faith under the tag: Where Faith Takes You

I am a sister, daughter, and aunt.
I have the most amazing family in the world. Really. If you met them, you would agree with me. My parents and I have an amazing relationship that has only deepened as I have gotten older. Even though I still live at home, they have allowed me to make my own decisions, imparting wisdom to me along the way.
Someone once asked me if I wished my parents hadn't had so many kids. After all, it meant money was tight sometimes and big vacations were rare. I laughed. I wouldn't trade even one of my siblings for Bill Gates' billions. Yes, we have arguments and get on each others nerves, but there is nothing like staying up late, laughing with your best friends who live with you, or knowing when you go home after a bad day that there are siblings waiting to make you feel better.
I have the distinction of being the shortest of all my siblings as well as being known as the attack kid. Why the attack kid? Mess with one of my sibling, and you will find out.
I most often blog about my family under the tag: Every Day Life

I am a writer.
You might have guessed that by how long this page about me is getting. I currently have Seven published books and five short stories, oversee Homeschooled Authors, and write articles and guest posts sometimes.
Writing is my passion, and I love sharing it with others. My day is made when people say: "That touched my heart." or "I couldn't put your book down."
I blog about writing mostly under the tags: Writing Saturday and Holman Writing Adventure

I believe in Destiny.
God has a pre-planned purpose for your life and mine. This blog is about my journey in finding what God has in store for me
I blog about my destiny under the tag: Where Destiny Takes You