Enchanted Day

7:00 AM


Scott and I took another day adventure. I'm finding so much inspiration at the Texas State Parks. In fact, look for some cool posts coming soon on the subject. However, today is photos for your enjoyment. 

I knew Enchanted Rock was a popular park and there was little shade. Scott and I live two hours away from this park and so its relatively close. We decided we wanted to hit this park before Texas warmed up anymore. 

We got there and started on the most popular hike: The Summit Hike.
Yeah, I caught Scott with his eyes closed a lot that day

We paused on our way up to eat our lunch because I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast. 

The view from the top was amazing!

We enjoyed a couple of the other trails as well

I love spring in Texas

My adventurous husband

On our way home, we went a few minutes out of our way to visit Lyndon Baines Johnson State Park, even though a large part of it was already closed.

They have a historic farm we want to come back and see.

They had a few cool wooden bridges 

We ended by the day by going to Carino's near our house. I had my favorite dish there: Jalapeno Ravioli! Oh, and I ate a lot of their awesome salad and bread. 

Have you been on any adventures lately?  

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  1. Hi Sarah!
    I was excited to see more pictures from Enchanted Rock, as I got a preview on your newsletter. Loved your newsletter, by the way!
    My family has been twice to Enchanted Rock. And you're smart to go now, as the second time we went in the summer and that wasn't fun, haha! ;)
    How cool to try seeing all the Texas state parks! Thanks for showing the pictures; glad you both had fun!
    God bless,