You're not alone

5:32 PM


You aren't alone if you have a fulfilling life but still long for that gold band on your left hand. 

You're not alone if you love your life but still feel like there's a missing piece.

You've chosen principles over pleasing your own desires. While it might feel like it, you're not alone. 

That friendship you value but it hurts sometimes because you wanted it to be so much more? Dear friend, you're courageous and brave and not alone.

You cry into your pillow and wonder if God's forgotten you, even though you know deep down that He hasn't. You're not alone.

You and wonder if you're the only one who gets angry or discouraged because there isn't that special someone in your life. Let me tell you now, you're not. 

You may think that you are alone in your single state, but you are not. There are many of us. You are not alone. Today, let us stand together.

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