Top 5 favorite of the year so far

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We have the boat room today. Let's get in one and float down the river of 2020 to see my top 5 of this year so far.

1. Sick of Me: From Transparency to Transformation by Whitney Capps

My mother recommended this book to me and it was great. This book is written by a woman who grew up in the church and who has loved Jesus her whole life. I found this book not only relatable but also challenging. She confronts common pitfalls that keep us from actually being transformed by God and keep us where we are.

2. The Retrievers by Nicole Sager
Nicole Sager is one of only two fantasy authors that I will buy every book they write as it comes out. Her vivid worlds don't have magic and are true to the faith. This story was so fun and imaginative. This is the story about a race of people that stand about eight inches high. 

3. Through Waters Deep by Sarah Sundin 
Sarah Sundin is one of my all-time favorite authors and this book has been one of my favorites of the year. I loved the mystery and adventure in this book, as well as the romance, all on the backdrop of the beginning of World War II.

4. Living By the Book by Howard G. Hendricks

This book was required reading for our home school. However, it had been years since I had read it. I have to say rereading the updated version was a real treat. It was a great refresher course in how to dig into scripture. 

5. Kiera by Kate Willis 
I just loved this book! I wanted to hug Kiera. She is a sweet girl in the near future when the world is at war. I loved her faith and her courage to stand up for what was right in a hard environment. the very mild romance was sweet and endearing. It's so, so good.
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  1. Living by the Book is on my to-read list. Kiera was so good!

  2. I've only read "Through Waters Deep". Thanks for sharing and for being a part of this year's Five Fall Favorites blog party! I've enjoyed seeing what books you chose! :)

  3. I enjoyed Kiera! "Living By The Book" looks interesting.