Winning God's Heart by Carolyn Currey: A Review

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*This is a review I wrote a while ago and am just now posting here*
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There are times that we need to be reminded of truths that we already know. This is not one of my favorite books of the year because it contains radically new information, but simply a reminder of old truths that I lose sight of.

Carolyn Currey is very honest about her personal experience of both supernatural encounters with God, the harshness of others, and feeling far from God. I haven’t had a supernatural experience like hers, nor am I sure that it’s the norm for God’s people. However, I applaud her honesty because it is obvious that she knew some people would reject everything she said on the basis of her experience. She shared anyway.

Digging into the scriptures, Currey walks the reader through various people who have been a friend of God. This includes Abraham, Moses, and David. She draws insight from their lives and shows what it means to be God’s friend.

I appreciated this reminder of the choice that I have every day. I can either pursue a friendship with God, or friendship with the world. I don’t think Currey said those words, but I needed that reminder. I personally want to be a friend to God. I know that will mean that I might have to give up some temporary pleasures, but I will gain everything of true value.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy books that remind them of what is important, those who enjoy honest testimonies, and Christian non-fiction.

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