What I love about Robin Hood

11:42 AM

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Growing up, we didn't watch a lot of movies, By not a lot, I mean that we would go a month or so between movies. Whenever I got sick and was allowed to watch a movie, one of the first ones I always asked for was Robin Hood starring Errol Flynn. To this day, this tale captures my imagination. Since this month we're looking at Brothers and Betyral (a story inspired by Robin Hood) I thought it was only fitting that we look at some of the reasons I love this classic tale so much.

The times in which this story takes place is fascinating. The world of swords, knights, kings, and brave maidens is enchanting to me. I loved the clothes, idea of kings and queens, and brave knights. The political games and structure were so different than our own. Watching a fictional account made me want to learn more.

I admired Robin's courage to stand up for those who could not stand for themselves. While there is much debate about the historical Robin Hood, I admired how the fictional character stood up for the pressed and had the courage to try to change things for the better.

The idea of living in a secret forest hideaway sounded like fun. As I've grown older, I've realized more of the challenges that would bring. However, I've always loved the woods, and living, nestled in the trees sounds amazing. I live in a house in the middle of a lot of trees, so I do kinda get to live my dream.

Maid Marian's bravery and love for Robin inspired me. In almost every version of the story I've read or seen, she risks a lot to protect the man she loves. She also does this so that he can keep protecting others. I have always aspired to be a brave and courageous maiden, willing to sacrifice for those I love.

Those are just a few reasons I love this story. Why do you like Robin Hood?

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