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Some men are for a time and a season. They live their life and pass into the next without many people even being aware of their existence. Other men inspire, not only their generation, but many generations to come. This is a tale of some who did just that. They led their people to greatness in their day, and inspired greatness in many generations that followed.
This tale has been told as a bedtime story to many children in Taelis. In fact, it was reduced to a fairy tale as the years passed. However, I, Zale Kahlon, assure you that the tale is indeed true. Princess Brianna really lived, young Bryon really did flee into the woods and was rescued by The Archer, John.
John was the son of Alditha and William from my first tale. He had many adventures with Bryon, and with the princess as well. But I am getting ahead of myself. I shall not spoil this, my second tale of my forgotten homeland.
As I stare out at the sea this stormy day, I long for Taelis. I can smell the richness of the growing forest, and see the fat deer peering out from behind the undergrowth. As I remember, I long to return. I long to open my door and, instead of a noisy street, see the beautiful forest of Taelis. I wish to hear the birds, feel the wind, and to see mothers collecting nuts with their children as they tell them the old tales that kept us a proud people for so long. Perhaps though, like man, Taelis was only meant to be for a season. Perhaps it was purposed by God to live on through these tales alone.
From its humble beginnings, with its feuding nobles and unhappy peasants grew a wonderful kingdom. The turning point towards greatness began with Bryon, John, and Brianna. This is their tale. A tale of brothers… and betrayal.

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