The Birthday Fun Continues

5:02 PM

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I shared last week that I'm doing something every day this week to celebrate my birthday. Here is what I've been doing this week!

Day 6: I spent a lot of time in the garden I find that hard work, but also relaxing.

Day 7: I wasn't feeling good, so I allowed myself downtime where I listened to books and worked on my quilt.

Day 8: After work, I met up with my Mom and sister who were doing the grocery shopping. We ate some awesome Mexican food. 

Day 9: I was super blessed to meet up with my friend Grace. She is a fantastic author as well as an amazing friend. We haven't been able to hang out in far to long. I also got to meet her newest little girl.

Day 10: Ah! It was an epic writing day! I finished a short story for the Tales of Taelis series!

Day 11: I did a lot of writing, and then I chilled with some Dick Van Dyke show episodes.

Day 12: Today, I found out one of my favorite authors put out a new book! Even though I'm not a huge fantasy reader, Nicole Sager's books are the best! You can check out this book HERE.

I finally kicked my reading slump! It's kinda funny because I have about three books that I'm almost down with, but these are the ones I've completed.

I've been enjoying reading through this series while I have Kindle Unlimited. It's a sweet series for kids that I read when I was young.
You can find it on Amazon HERE.

This was a pretty sweet book. You can read my review on Goodreads HERE and you can also find in on Amazon HERE.

I listened to the audiobook of the Bronze Bow on Scribd, which is a pretty cool site for audiobook lovers. I can see why this author is well loved, her style is amazing!
Read my review HERE.
Find in on Amazon HERE
Get a 60 free trial of Scribd HERE

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  1. Thank You for sharing your birthday days. I have enjoyed them.

  2. Hi Sarah, I have looked forward to reading about your birthdays. Looking forward to seeing your quilt when it is finished.