Remembering How to Write

1:00 AM

I have this fear when I'm away from writing for more then a couple of weeks that I will forget or lose my ability to write well. I have no idea why, but it always happens. Since I was away from writing stories for a few months due to my arm injury, that fear was real.

I started in with the novella for A Very Bookish Thanksgiving. For those of you who enjoyed A Very Bookish Christmas, you'll know that each novella is inspired by a classic story. My Thanksgiving Story is based on Mansfield Park. The first four days back at writing, I struggled to get out the story, it felt a little flat, but I liked how the story was coming. Then, one day, I sat down and the story just started flowing. I was so excited. My fear was replaced with gratefulness. I finished the last half of the story in two days and saw clearly what I needed to add to add dimension to the first part of the story.

I'm excited to see what comes next for my writing. I'm looking to let my creative juices flow in writing another project (the next Kate's Case Files Book perhaps?) before I start in on editing this story and possibly even revisiting A Different Kind of Purpose. 

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