How to Write in a Frantic Time

1:00 AM

As writers, even those who try to treat our writing like a job, there are times when it's hard to get the creative juices flowing. In frantic times, it often feels impossible. Here are some tips for writing when life hands you a chaotic time.

Take the time to still your heart. Even if it means you don't have as much time to write, extend the amount of time you are praying and in the Bible. Consider taking a few days where you don't watch the news or maybe even take a break from social media (or unfollow some of the people that are contributing the frantic feeling). Take some time to still your heart.

Work on a project you're excited about. I know, you have a schedule or something that you're supposed to be working on. However, sometimes you just have to take the time and work on a project you are excited about to get that captivating going. Excitement is often a wonderful way to overcome a funky writing mood.

Keep to a routine. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to write at a certain time (although that wouldn't hurt) but it means having a routine that helps your mind get into the mode. Write in a certain place, pick a candle or oil to diffuse every time. Have a social drink or snack that you drink every time. You get the idea, give your mind cues by a routine that it's time to write. 

Ask for prayer and pray over your writing. Sometimes, we discount the effort or enemy puts into chaotic and frantic times. Satan prowls around, seeking people to devour. If he can steal our peace and joy, he has won a skirmish. Aksing for prayer and covering your writing time in prayer is very important. 

Do you have any tips for writing during frantic times?

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