I'm back...again

1:07 PM

Sometimes, God has to do something drastic to get our attention. The thing that amazes me is that he does it not just when we are sinning or need a major life change, but also so we can live the abundant life we were meant to live.

I went suddenly away from everything because I woke up one morning with my arm in intense pain. Thankfully, I have a brother who is a nurse and was able to diagnose it easily: I had damaged a tendon in my right hand. The cure? Complete rest for three to twelve weeks. I am very grateful that while I still have to watch it, I landed in the middle of that healing time, not the end. The thought of twelve weeks without the use of my right hand was enough to make me cry and I don’t cry often.

During that time, I had a lot of time to think. I mean, I wasn’t able to write, sew, work on hobbies, or even do a lot of chores. Even holding a book was hard for the first couple of weeks. I was forced to take a lot of time off to relax. Which for me meant a lot of time to think. Which in turn means there will be a lot of upcoming blog posts here sharing some of those thoughts.

In between a lot of thinking, I listened to a lot of audiobooks. I bought myself a month of Audible Escape package where they have a lot of books you can borrow and listen to. I listened to some great new books but mainly listened to some old favorites like the O’Malley series and The Messenger (more about that in an upcoming blog post). I found some books were as good as I remember and a couple others not so much.

I will still have to take it easy on my hand for the next two to three weeks. I’ll have to limit my typing time to an hour or two a day. However, I’m looking forward to catching up with all of you and writing more.

What have you been up to?

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  1. So, glad to hear your hand is much better, Sarah! I'm sure that was difficult to not be able to do the things you normally do without thinking. I'm looking forward to your posts. :) And upcoming books. ;)

  2. Wow! That's a long time to take it easy with a hand.

    The O'Malley series is an old favorite of mine!

    1. Yeah, they just take a long time to heal.

      That's cool that we both love that series.

  3. Oh, wow! That'd be so hard to not be able to do much ;/ Abigayle Ellison mentioned having hand problems over at her blog, too. So scary ;0 Excited for your future posts! Love audio books ... I listen to audio books almost every day through OverDrive library app as I clean houses. My summer has been fantastic! Lots of friends, hiking, and writing ;D a long with work of course ;)


  4. Glad your hand is better. I am reading "Wives and Daughters" by Elizabeth Gaskell. It has 650 plus pages. I am more than half way through the book. It was first printed in 1866.

  5. Nice to hear from you Sarah, Sorry about your hand. Happy that it is feeling better. I am in the midst of reading all 28 books in the "Elsie Dinsmore" series. I never read them in my youth.

  6. I'm so sorry about your arm!! *hugs* Praying it continues to heal quickly. <3 Audiobooks are so handy!