Jane Austen Inspired Valentine Sale!

1:00 AM

Jane Austen. There's nothing quite like her. She continues to inspire us all these years later. This Valentines Day, myself and a few authors came together to bring a special sale and giveaway.

Twelve books are on sale for $2.99 or less. Books like Tracking Ruby and Water Princess and Fire Prince, feature characters who adore and quote Jane Austen's stories. Most of the books take the beloved classics and retell them in a new setting. Each book is perfect for those who want a little touch of Jane Austen and romance for this Valentines Day.


An author's participation in this giveaway does not mean they endorse all the books included. While all books are considered clean, they may not reflect the values of the other authors.

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  1. An awesome giveaway, Sarah! Jane Austen (only themed or the originals) are the best!

  2. I LOVE Jane Austen!!! Looks like a fun give away!

  3. I love the covers of those Jane Austen Vintage Retellings. And they all sound so good!! <3 Can’t wait to read “Emmeline.” ;)

    ~Katja L.