Kate, Christmas, and Laughter

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I'll be quite honest, these last two weeks have been full of the kind of work that is needed, but my least favorite: emails, information gathering for blog tours, and social media posts. Thankfully, I see an end in sight. I'm almost done with all of the promotions I'm part of this month, and I will be able to focus on projects that I really want to.

Kate #3 and Kate #4 are both what I hope to focus on for the last part of November. I want to get Kate #3 edited and ready for an early 2018 release (yeah, sadly it won't be happening this year). I also want to write the last part of #4 and maybe even start in on #5. I'm going for three Kate books next year!

There Was Always Laughter is going awesome. I am putting the final touches on the paperback copy so that it is ready to release the same time as the Kindle book. If you want to grab a copy for $2.99 (As the price will be going up to $4.99 soon), you can do so HERE.

As for the Christmas story....
Janet took a deep breath and let it out again, one hand brushing against her tan skirt, the other squeezing the keys in her pocket. The whole scene was picturesque and the opposite of how she was feeling. Another deep breath brought a sick feeling to her stomach. Instead of the scent of the oak trees, hay, and cows, her nostrils filled with a Christmas sent flowing out of a candle store as she passed through the mall doors.
She picked up her pace and plunged forward, her professional looking black flats slapping hard against the linoleum. She couldn’t be late for her job. She couldn’t give into these feelings right now. She didn’t want to be late for her job, did she? It may not have been the greatest, but it paid better than the minimum wage job she had been working before. She also remembered the countless stores she could have been working in. She was helping older ladies find a good blouse or a businesswoman find the right pantsuit, instead of having to blush her way through working at an underwear store or deal with screaming kids at the toy story. She needed this job, and she was lucky to have it.

This book is fun, and... Patrick and Brian make a cameo appearance!

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  1. I will TRY to be patient about Kate. ;) Perhaps the Christmas story will tide me over. :) I'm thinking "Christmas" right now in spite of my best efforts to focus on Thanksgiving. Every time I finish reading a book I find myself thinking, "Can I start a Christmas story now?" and every time I tell myself, "Not yet. Wait just a little longer." But I don't think I can wait much longer! My list of Christmas books is growing. (Which can be a good thing.)

  2. Ooh, I'm intrigued about a Patrick and Brian cameo! :D So excited for all your writing -- keep it up! ^_^