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7:04 AM

I had the privilege a few weeks ago to visit San Antonio. This city has been a favorite place of mine for years. Due to that fact and that I found out that there is an FBI building located there, I decided it would be home for Kate and her friends.

My mom graciously allowed me to turn our little vacation into a research trip, and it was so much fun. I was able to add some detail to the book I am currently writing and lots of fuel for future stories. We spent two days walking along the Riverwalk, soaking up the atmosphere and seeing where many of Kate's future jogging jaunts will take place. We ate at some awesome restaurants (for research, of course) and even visited the Museum of Art, which happens to be across from Kate's appartment building.

Looking toward the employee entrance.
The highlight for me was visiting the FBI building. Although I didn't get to go inside, just getting to see where the FBI team will work was exciting!

Kate's world is growing, expanding, and coming alive! I cannot wait for you to see what happens next in her life in the next book (I am looking toward a May release).

Have you visited San Antonio? Where do you think Kate should visit next?

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  1. That looked like a cool research trip to get to do in San Antonio. I think I went there when I was much younger on a family trip.

    Anyways, I'm excited to find out more about Kate! If she got to go on trips across the nation for her cases, that would be interesting.

    1. I think you will get your wish.. I think the third book is taking place in South Carolina. Kate may end up traveling to as many states as she has books.

  2. Really cool, Sarah! Yes, I have been to San Antonio, and it's so much fun! Especially if you have friends with you. ;) Hehe. I was just looking at my maps of downtown San Antonio yesterday when putting my scrapbook together and noticed that art museum. :) I'm glad you and your mom had such fun exploring in Kate's world! :D