Running into the Middle of it all

5:05 PM

When things get hard, most of us want to run the other way. I mean, honestly, who wants to watch a family be torn apart after the suicide of of one of the children? Who wants to listen to a friend talk about depression so deep that self harm sounds like a good option to them? Wouldn't be easier to step back when that friends, sibling runs away from home? After all, God will take care of them.

I want to tell you a secret about me. I naturally want to run for pain not only in myself but in others. When I see someone I care about hurting physically or emotionally, it pains me too. I sometimes even can physically hurt for them. I used to want to be as far from the pain as I could get, but as usual, God has had other plans.

This week, I am spending time with a dear friend who is really struggling. Her health is not great, and she is so tired in every respect. It is hard to watch a young woman who is one of the strongest people I know so week and dependant. Is hard to keep reminding her of the same things over and over again. However, I noticed a change in me: I wasn't even trying to run from the pain.

This song is my theme song this week, because it is what God has been doing in my heart. He as strengthened me and molded me into a person that I have wanted to be and that reflects Christ: someone who can run into the middle of it all.

However, I would stell covet your prayers. Even when the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak. 

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  1. Dear Sarah, I will pray for you. I understand what it's like to deal with someone who is suffering with extreme depression, and even self-harm. I have to deal with someone like this every day, and the saddest part is that they've lost belief in God and His love for them. *sighs* But do know that you are doing right by being there for this person. And even if it feels like nothing is getting better, remember God is there, He knows, and He doesn't want you to give up the good fight while here on earth.

    1. Grace,
      Thank you so much. I don't plan to give up the fight.