Everyday Life: Praise God, missing Dr. Pepper

1:00 AM

Hi everyone! Gosh, even though I have been posting on the blog, there hasn’t been a whole lot on the blog about me and what has been going on, so I thought I would stop by and share.

First off, I have some amazing news! My dad is doing better! God led my mom to an article and, as a result, my dad gave up all coffee and carbonated beverages. Within the last two weeks, we have been seeing an amazing improvement in my dad. Although he still isn’t back to where he was, we are praising God for the improvement we have seen.

A sad note, we all gave up coffee and carbonated drinks with my dad. Although my dad is seeing some wonderful health benefits, I am missing my Dr. Pepper. A lot of people have told me how awful sodas are and how much better I will feel without them, but that isn’t helping.  I haven’t seen many benefits, but I have been missing them a lot. Now my secret is out, I am not even close to a health nut. However, I am determined to stick this out for at least a couple of months to see if there really are a lot of health benefits.

On a healthy note, my sisters and I have started doing Zumba using our Wii system. Every morning at nine for the last three weeks, at least some of us are out there, doing the silly moves that keep us moving and leave us out of breath. I think I have lost a couple of pounds of fat, but I also think that it is helping to make my body stronger.

Thank you all for your prayers for my dad, keep them coming.

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  1. That's wonderful news about your dad! My parents and I have all been praying for him, so I'll have to pass that on.
    I don't drink carbonated beverages anymore, but when I stopped, I can't say that I felt anything, good or bad. I encourage you to stick it out! The results may not be something you can see. (Not that you need more advice ...:D But I do feel for you!)
    Zumba must be really fun. I tried one Jazzercise class and loved it, but couldn't join. Good job!

    1. Kelsey,
      Thank you for he encouragement.

      Zumba is a lot of fun! Although it requires a lot of embarrassing hip movement (hence would not be very good in mixed company), if feels like a dance.