Multitudes on Mondays: Editing

1:00 AM

I am busy trying to edit my book, Adventures and Adversities by the end of the month. I have to be honest  it is going much slower then I would like. However, it is going slow because I have learned so much since I wrote it two years ago. Here are some of the things I am thankful for as I edit.

281. I have come far. I am seeing how I have gotten better and stronger in my writing.

282. My amazing friends who encourage me every step of the way.

283. The eager readers who seem to be excited about this latest release.

284. A day that I have now set aside for writing every week.

285. My family that works so hard to help me.
286. A growing list of people who want to be advanced readers

287. The joy of seeing my story improving.

288. New music to inspire my work

289. Time to relax after long days of editing.

290. Alditha. She may only be a fictional character, but I find her to be a blessing anyway.

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