Multitudes on Mondays; My Faith

1:00 AM

Yesterday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. This is the time of year that we are reminded of our faith and the blessings that come with it.


#181. Grace ~ I don't have to earn my way

#182. Prayer ~ always being able to cast my burdens on God

#183. Living Hope ~ I serve a living God and have a living faith.


Caroline Knopf ph
#184. Peace ~ The peace that surpasses all understanding

#185. Joy ~ it comes from knowing that what you are living for is worth it.

File:Friendship 2.jpg
#186. Encouragement ~ Sometimes God knows we need a hug from someone with skin

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#187. Bible ~ God's love letter to us

by Christina Hastings
#188. Praise ~ That comes from the heart when we see that God at work.

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#189. Princess ~ I am God's kid!

#190. Love ~ Nothing can separate us from the love of God 

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