Multitudes on Mondays; Christmas Time

8:07 AM

Christmas is a wonderful time of year.  For my family, it means many family centered events and activities, decorations  sneaking around buying/making gifts, and celebrating the birthday of Jesus. How fun is that?
I am thankful for…

#61. The release of The Destiny of a Few

#62. Hot tea

#63. An amazing family

#64. Decorations that remind me a of the reason for the season

#65. A wonderful Christmas Party

#66.  Rain that will allow us to have a green Christmas after all
#67. A fire place

#68. For time off from work and editing

#69. For the joy of the season

#70. For The child born in Bethlehem who is my savior and LORD

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  1. have a merry Christmas season, rachel. :)

  2. oh so sorry, sarah... i typed a wrong name on my comment above. so sorry.

    God bless. :)

  3. Thank you and Marry Christmas, Lhen!