No rain in sight...

8:28 AM

The ground is powdery, and every time you take a step, you stir up dust.  The creeks and pounds are dry, and, everywhere you look, vegetation is dying.  The heat is almost unbearable, and there is no relief from it.

I wish that this description was from one of my books or a scene in a movie but it is the harsh reality in Texas right now.  In the area I live in, we haven’t had measurable rain in months.  There are daily brush fires and reports of cattle dying from thirst, heat, and lack of grazing ground.

Yes, it is sad and sometimes scary to live in an area that is in an exceptional drought.  You pray for rain daily and look to the sky, hoping every cloud no matter how small is getting ready to unload its valuable cargo over you.

I will keep praying, knowing that God hears and that the rains will return, someday.

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  1. I wish I could send some of my rain your way! I will be praying for rain for you as well. :)

  2. Oh no, that's awful, Sarah! I'd heard the drought was pretty bad out near you guys, but I didn't know it was so extreme! I'll pray for rain with you!


  3. Praying for rain for you and all of Texas.