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7:14 AM

This is the first day of The Destiny of One blog tour! I thought I might share one of my favorite quotes from the book that sums up Maria’s journey in a nutshell.  I pray that everyone that reads this book, learns and is bless half as much as I was writing it.

“You know that over the past year I have been wondering what I was supposed to do with my life, or, as grandpa put it, what my destiny is.  I got to thinking about how sometimes God reveals what He wants us to do with our lives slowly and gradually.  Sometimes, He speaks to us and tells us what our life’s calling is.  Some people have always known what God has wanted them to do, and they don’t have to wonder.  Sometimes, you have to search long and hard to find the plan that God has in store for you.  But sometimes your destiny, what God made you to do, comes at you so suddenly that you are in the middle of it before you even knew that it had begun.

“I don’t know why God has chosen this destiny for me.  I don’t really think I’m the best choice, but I do know that this is what I was meant to do."

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  1. I love this quote, Sarah. It touches my heart and I think reveals one of God's fundamental truths about His will (or destiny) for our lives ~ it is all in His control and is always, always about Him. I cannot wait to read Maria's story.

  2. That IS a great quote. Thank you for sharing!

    From one home-school graduate self-published author to another ... all the best!

    P.S. Came from Inklings ... :)