Book Review; Love Comes Softy Series

8:45 AM

Age; 12 and up

Rating; (1-10) 8

Have you ever wanted a book series that you could read on for a long time and left you feeling good at the end? Have you just wanted a book that had faith, romance and a little adventure but wasn’t too deep? Well I have the book series for you; Love Comes Softly.

I read this series through a couple years ago and I loved it. The series is the saga of Marty, a young girl at the beginning of the books that finds herself alone after her husband dies on their way to stake a claim out west. Marty, needing a place to stay until she can head back east, marries Clark. Clark’s wife died not long before she arrived and he needs someone to take care of his toddle daughter Missy. Over the next year Marty finds herself being drawn to Clark’s faith which has seen him through so much.

One of the reasons I love the first book is how slowly the romance goes and that it is not all about how you feel. I really loved the faith that Janette Oke put in her books because, although it was a big part of the book, it wasn’t over done or too preachy. If you have seen the movie and not read the book, the faith plays a much bigger role in the book, and it is deeper.

Things that you might want to know before you read the book. Marty repeats one mildly bad word in the first part of the book (they use it to show that she is not a believer). Also some of the thematic elements such as parents dying, getting married just so you have a roof over your head and things like that might not be suitable for younger children.

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