Movie Review; Matthew

7:58 AM

Matthew is most definitely one of the most powerful movies I have seen. "Why is that" you ask. It is because it is word for word the book of Matthew from Holy Bible. Not one word of it has been let out, yet this production is far from boring. It will leave you feeling as if you have walked with Jesus and seen his life unfold.

My family has seen many partials of the life of Christ but this one trumps them all. It is powerful, thought provoking, and touches your heart. It makes you laugh, as well as cry. You will experience the wonder of Christ’s birth, the amazement of the crowds, the humor and the heart rending effects of his teaching, the horror of the cross, and the joy of his resurrection.

As for things you might want to watch out for, some young children may find the crucifixion scene and the slaying of the children in Bethlehem by Harod to be disturbing. Not that they actually show children being killed but you see their bodies lying around and a little bit of blood.

I encourage you that if you have not seen this movie yet to do so. You will be blessed.

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  1. I've never seen it before, but it sounds really good!