Writing Saturday; 10 Things to Avoid when Writing

8:48 AM

1. Avoid sermons. Most people do not like reading through sermons. If they had wanted to read a book on theology they would not have picked up a fiction book. If you want to make a point, weave it into your stories.

2. Avoid arguments that lead to change. Everyone I know only changes when someone loves them and encouraged them, not when they are yelled at.

3. Avoid lengthy descriptions. If you spend five pages describing a room, your readers might get board and never pick up your book again.

4. Avoid giving too little descriptions. My test readers have often wondered where exactly I have placed them because I haven’t given them enough description.

5. Avoid rewriting until you finished the first draft of you book. You will do the rewriting, but if you do it before you have finished your book, it might slow you down to the point you don’t want to finish your book.

6. Avoid magic. I understand that fantasy can be so much fun but we need to remember that God doesn’t use magic.

7. Avoid sibling rivalry and arguments. The world has enough of that already, we need some positive influence.

8. Avoid a strictly serious book. Lighten up and add a little humor to your story. The world could use a few more smiles.

9. Avoid characters that all look and sound alike. Have some variety.

10. Avoid the bad guys. Remember, they are out to get you. Look behind you! Sorry, I couldn’t resist putting this as the last one. :)

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  1. Thanks, Sarah for this! I am a writer and some of these things I am guilty of. Like mostly long descriptions. :)

  2. Yes, thanks for the tips. A little curious, though, as to the nature of the last one. could you explain?

  3. That was me trying to be silly. Guess it didn't really work. Oh well, I will try agian next time.