Of Basketball and Declarations

7:50 AM

The last week has been a full one for me. My brother, who has recently joined a basketball team, spent the weekend at a tournament. Right now, they only let him play when either they are really far ahead, or really far behind, until he gets the hang of it, but he is enjoying it. The guys on the team are very neat and godly. I am so glad my little brother gets to be a part of it.

On Thursday, we were watching the news and found out that one of the original copies of the Declaration of Independence was going to be on display for a few hours at a local museum. You see, right after they finished the Declaration, they had two hundred copies made up. These were sent out by horse back to all the colonies and read aloud. Over time, many of them have been lost.

Then, one day, I guy at a flea market bought a nice looking copy of the Declaration of Independence for four dollars. There was a notation on the back that caught his eye (I’m sorry, I have forgotten what it said) so he had a historian take a look at it.

The man was surprised to find that he had one of only twenty-six known original copies still in existence. Now, this copy travels the country, going only to places that will show it for free so that anyone who wants to can see it. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

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