Writing Saturday; When God Uses Your Writing

11:07 AM

I have been thinking a lot lately about how books and other writings can speak as much to the author as they do the reader. Lately, the subject of change and transition seems to be coming up a lot in my writing, not only for this blog but in my books. As I have gone back and read some of my older writings, polishing up some almost completed projects, and started in on some new ideas, change and transition seem to be the prevailing themes.
As I am searching for some answers from God, nowhere has he spoken more clearly to me then in my own writing. I am convinced now that many of the words are not my own, but ones he has given me to encourage me and help me to figure life out.

I still stand amazed at God’s creativity in getting our attention. He knows what speaks to each of us the most and uses that. For me, it is the written word, so he gives me a desire to read a particular chapter in the Bible, and through that I find rebuke, comfort, encouragement, inspiration, whatever I happen to need. I find myself reading something I wrote and I feel as if someone else wrote it for me.

What about you? Has God ever used your own writing to speak to you?

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