Movie Review; The Christmas Card

10:02 AM

A dear friend of our family gave us a gift subscription to Netflix for Christmas and on Tuesday, we watched our first movie. It was called The Christmas Card, we had heard some good things about it and found it was even better than we thought it would be.

The Movie starts in Afghanistan with a lonely soldier who receives a Christmas card from a young woman in a small town. The card could have been to anyone, but it becomes a life line for Cody, a young man facing some hard times.

When Cody is sent back to the states for a time he goes to the small town of Nevada City to find the girl that sent him the card. What he finds is a family that takes him in for the holidays and love.

Even though it is a very typical movie in some ways (two guys like one girl,), it is very different in many ways. The girl, who is in her mid-twenties is living at home and loves it. She and her parents are very close and talk about everything. The parents are consulted and told about everything, no sneaking around behind anybody’s back. Even though there was kissing and the word dating was used, our whole family talked about how close the whole thing was to courtship.

As for things that you might want to think about before watching, there are very few. The clothing is modest, faith and church are good, and there isn’t any foul language. It is a romance story, not courtship story (not that courtships aren’t romantic) so there is kissing and they dance. Other than that, there isn’t anything that I can think of that is bad.

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  1. Last Christmas season I watched this film on the Hallmark channel. I agree with your review but there was one little thing I didn't like. When the two main characters are outside in the snow, they slip and fall and that scene is a little awkward for certain reasons. Alll in all, it's an entertaining film.=)

  2. I agree with you Elizabeth. Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. I liked the Christmas Card too. I love your reviews.
    Merry Christmas.