Writing Saturday; Where is your writing taking you? Part 2

9:18 AM

Last writing Saturday, we talked about a few of the ways that you could use your writing talents for God. This week, I would like to talk about the people that you are trying to reach with your writing.

Every one of us has a target audience; an age group, a group with a particular struggle or issue, or a group with certain beliefs. When thinking about where your writing is taking you, the first thing that you should consider is your target audience and what ministers to them. My target audience is teenaged and young adult girls who are striving to live radically different lives for God.

I reach my target audience through my blog, and magazine articles right now. I hope to reach them in the future with my books that I am writing. My goal when writing my blog and articles is to encourage girls to live their lives radically for God, and know that they are not alone in that journey. In my books, I strive to create fun and adventurous stories that are God honoring.

What is your target audience? Where is your writing taking you?

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  1. Good post, Sarah, and great point. It really made me think; what IS my writing target? For my blog, I guess it'd mainly be for teen Christian girls.

    As for my books, no one have really read them yet. But the books are meant for Christians with similar beliefs like myself. And I think, probably more for women than men. Not really sure on an age group yet, though :)

  2. Hmmm... Good question! My target audience is young girls, and young woman, who are trying to live godly lives.

    Great post! :)