The Show That Has Yet to be Named

8:29 AM

Ladies and girls, please allow me to introduce you to some new characters on our blog Mary Beth, Anna Joy and Maria Rose. They will be the stars in a new show on this blog which I have yet to title (I would love some suggestions). I thought that it would be fun to tell stories about the issues that we will be discussing instead of just writing articles about an issue. So, though the help of Mary Beth, Anna Joy and Maria Rose, I hope that we can both have great conversation and some fun.

In order to really begin the yet-to-be-named saga of Mary Beth, Anna Joy and Maria Rose, I have to tell you a little bit about each of them.

Mary Beth is a twenty year old girl who is going to school online and has a part time job to pay for online courses. She has a few friends but she does have a lot on her plate so she can’t spend as much time with them as she would like. Mary Beth is shy, sweet and cares deeply for those in need. She is the second child of five siblings and her greatest pleaser is being with her family.

Anna Joy, is a fifteen year old girl who is just tiring to survive high school. She loves being homeschooled but is overwhelmed by the amount of schoolwork and extracurricular activities that leave her little time for anything else. Anna Joy is part of a every growing family (number eight was born recently) and is close to her older sister but wishes she had time to have friends outside the family.

Maria Rose is 18 and is going to act a lot like me in all the stories because that is who I am modeling her after me (poor Maria). Maria has just finished school and has a passion for writing. Maria is very lonely and feels left out at times. Her family has never been involved in co-ops or extracurricular activities so that they could do things as a family and have time for people. Maria Rose’s life has not been an easy one but it has been a good one.

Now for the first episode of…uh…. The show I really need a name for.

It was a cold Sunday morning and Mary Beth dragged herself out of bed. She had watched a movie with her family and then she had it finish a paper that was due tomorrow therefore she had stayed up to late. She didn’t really feel like going to church but it was what she needed to do. Mary Beth hoped that her make-up would hide the bags under her eyes if anyone even noticed her.

Anna Joy grabbed the youngest of the family, Kate, and hopped out of the van. They always seemed to be late for church but how could they help it? Her older sister and brother were a drama group that met on Saturday afternoons and then the whole family was in a Bible study in the evening. It was hard to get out of bed before nine and get dressed and to church by ten. If Anna Joy was totally truthful with herself, she would have admitted she didn’t really care for church. It wasn’t that she didn’t thing that it was important, it was just that she wished that she could have one day a week that she did have to do anything.

Maria Rose tried to keep her concentration on the sermon but it was very hard. She had quite time every morning, or at least tried to, and had evening devotion with her family ever evening. Wondered idly what the pastor would say if she told him that her family had gone over the same passage the night before in preparation for this sermon and had gotten the same things out of it plus some. Maria Rose hated that she, an adult, could not seem to keep her focus on the sermon. If only she could learn some magic cure to keep her mind from wondering to her stories, the weather and the people around her would she ever learn?

What do you think was the point of the stories I just told you? We will discuss it tomorrow and maybe by then I will have a name for the show.

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  1. What about calling it "Show and Tell" I thought this might be suited considering you are sharing the lives of fictional characters with us in order to "Show" us insites both about being a godly young woman and Christianity and the "Tell" part becuase you are telling us a series of stories and we will be discussing them together. Just an idea. You don't have to use it.

    I wanted to add that I have sometimes felt like Maria Rose did during the sermon. My family does that off and on also. I have sometimes (though I try not to because I can still learn new things) Sat during a service and just felt bored. As my brother once put it, sometimes I would get all bibled out! Which is terrible! I should be happy to have so many opportunities to be in God's word! However, to be truthful, I have felt like I had had just a bit to much with my own personal devotions plus church, evening family devotions and a growth group that my family attends. I think this is a lesson we should all learn! After all, many people in the bible spent hours upon hours praying and talking to God. We have the privalege of not only being able to do that, but also reading his word which is a gift they didn't have access to back in bible times. Everything was on scrolls.


  2. Well they all seem to find it hard to concentrate on anything Biblical. Maybe the point is that we need to focus, and make time with Christ the most important part of our day? :-)

    By the way... I'm not sure if you want a critique, but there are quite a few grammer and spelling errors in all three stories...

  3. Wow Sarah! Your story was really good! I think I get the point of the story, but I'll see later if I was right. You are a very good writer! I can really relate to your characters! I mostly relate to Maria and Anna Joy. I don't know how many times we have gotten late to tho church and I have dragged my brothers to the their classrooms or was soooo bored in church that I didn't pay attention. Can't wait until the next post of your story! Have a great day!

    God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  4. I know this is an older post, but I thought I'd comment anyway ;) I'm guessing the point of your story would be that we need to take time out of our busy schedules for God, and to put Him first in our lives. But there's several other good points in the short story, too.
    I like the idea of writing a 'show' with characters, instead of just writing articles. It makes it more interesting and divergent and fun ;) I think I'm most like Maria Rose, although I'm still in school. I really like your blog, by the way!