"What a story this will make!"

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With a heavy sigh, Brianna slipped out after him. She adjusted the golden circlet on her head as she walked rapidly to catch up. Her gown of softest wool had been colored a deep blue and it set off her brown hair. She had to look her best for the ambassador to listen to her.
“Ambassador,” Brianna called out, seeing that he was moving rapidly.
He whipped around, his face red with anger. “What do you want?” his voice was gruff.
Brianna swallowed her fear. She must have courage for the sake of her people and her father. “Ambassador, I fear a grave error has been made.” She stopped a few paces away from him.
“Indeed there has,” the ambassador sneered. “The king will regret this.”
Brianna swallowed again, her mouth dry. “Good sir, that is why I have sought you out. I think you and I might be able to reach an agreement that will satisfy both the needs of your country and Taelis.”
“You?” the ambassador chuckled dryly. “You are a woman.”
“I am also a princess, oldest daughter of the king.” She pulled herself to her full height, but still felt small. She was not tall, even for a girl, and this man was a head above most men.
The ambassador crossed his arms. “I fail to see how that can help me. You are still a woman. Unless you are proposing an alliance by marriage, you have nothing to offer.”
Brianna shook her head. “What I offer is help to get you the trade that our countries both desperately need.”
The ambassador smiled, amusement playing over his features. “I see. Do you have a handful of grain that you want to trade for a bit of wool?”
Brianna sighed. Why could she have not been a born a son, or at least taller. It took so much time to convince people she could help. “I am offering you the trade you wished. I know where there are many bags of grain ready and waiting to be loaded onto carts in exchange for a fair amount of wool.”
The amusement had diminished somewhat in the ambassador’s face. He did not quite believe her yet, but he was desperate to make this trade. “How are you able to offer me this and your father was not?”
“My father was able to make the trade,” Brianna said softly. “He simply did not wish to bother with it this day.” Her father never wanted to deal with anything that had to do with business. “Do you wish the grain or not?”

The ambassador threw back his head and laughed. “I have never made a trade with a princess. What a story this will make!”

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