Kate's Dilemma Pre-order

1:00 AM

I'm so excited! Finally, after far too long, the third book in Kate's Case Files series is available for pre-order! I'm very excited to share this story with all of you! Are you ready for Kate's Dilemma?

Kate can’t stay with the team any longer. She has worked for too long to keep the walls around her heart and around her past to allow the team to tear them down now. She doesn’t think they can handle what is behind them; she’s not sure she can. Heading to Charleston with the team on one last case, she and Brian go undercover as brother and sister to find out if a young musician is profiting from illegal activity.

Patrick is going undercover as a summer student at the University of Charleston. He tries to befriend the sister of a suspected drug runner, but nothing is coming easily. The sister won’t trust him, leads keep drying up, and tension in the team is building. When things begin to fall apart, Patrick is convinced that he can fix things, but can he?

For a limited time, you can pre-order it for only $2.99. It will regularly sell at $4.99.

Need to read the first two? You can read them for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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