Update on my WriteMind Planner

1:00 AM

Well, I was frustrated. I couldn't find a planner like I wanted and I tried using my phone but my brain wasn't accepting that. And I realized that I have an awesome WriteMind Planner and I know that there are monthly and weekly planning sheets for it. However, long-term and short-term it isn't cheap unless...I could print my own.

I went on a little shopping spree. I bought a $19 dollar punch and $25 dollars in digital sheets (most of that was for the basic writing package).

It took me a few tries of figuring out where I needed to use the punch so the sheets lined up. I was very excited because I had run out of character sheets about three months ago.

Now, at how nice that looks

My weekly sheets. I use the plastic bookmark that I bought with my original WriteMind purchase to mark the current week.

I really enjoy the colorful sticky tabs I bought to separate projects.

So that is it! The WriteMind Planner comes to my rescue again.

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