Honoring Authority: A Story After God's Own Heart

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The authorities were after him. He had done nothing either legally or morally wrong. In fact, He was standing for his faith. Now, the government was after him, a corrupted one that perverted justice, and refused to follow even its own laws.

Then one amazing day, this man had a golden opportunity. The leader of this corrupted government fell into his hands. Those around him said that God had given him this day. He could kill this leader, or at least put him in prison. This would be the end of the godless leader and the corrupted government.

But he didn’t do it.

David said; “I cannot lift my hand against the Lord’s anointed one.

I have had a lot of conversations with people over the last year about honoring the governing authorities. What I am hearing has disturbed my heart. Many I have talked to have made fun of our president, joke about assassination, and ignore minor laws like speed limits because they say that the government is corrupt so we don’t have to honor or obey it.

The story above comes from 1 Samuel and you probably recognized it. David twice had the opportunity to kill or capture Saul. However, both time, he refused, even when everyone around him encouraged it. Why? Because Saul was God’s anointed.

Even after his death, when perhaps he should have been rejoicing that he would no longer have to run, he mourned for Saul and grew angry with the man who claimed to have killed him.

David was a man after his own heart and I think that this story is one of the reasons why. David refused to give in to the temptations to take matters into his own hands. He believed that God had raised Saul up and God and only God had the right to depose him.

In reading 1 and 2 Samuel, here is what I was reminded about authority.

We like David should always speak and act in a honoring manner toward those in authority.
We should not lift our hand against those in authority
In God’s time, corrupted rulers will meet their end.

I urge you to open up your Bible and read the story for yourself. Don’t take my word for this, open up your Bible and discover it for yourself.

Join me next week for part 2 of this study.

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  1. Thanks for this, Sarah. And even though I'm really not into patriotism or anything like that, I love the points you bring out here. Yes, we ought to obey the government even if they are corrupt. ("Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers..." -Rom. 13:1, which is balanced out by Acts 5:29)

    Thanks for sharing!