Classics, Christmas, and The End

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It is sad to see you go and the party to end, but I know that we will see each other again. You can always keep up-to-date through my newsletter. Also if you take this survey about the blog party, you will get a free short story of your choosing. Before you leave, I would love to share both my favorite classic books and some books to help you celebrate the upcoming Christmas season.

Top Five Favorite Classics:
Christy: This book is a Christian Classic and God really used it in my life. This book is about a young girl whose faith is weak and must learn to stand on it in a harsh environment.
Little Woman: This is an all-time favorite. Having a lot of sisters of my own, this book felt sometimes like it was about us. I loved how they grew, changed, and still remained a close family.
Little Pilgrim's Progress: While I disagree with some of the thology of this book, it did impact me. It was a powerful reminder of all the things that can distract a Christian.
Emma: This story is very dear to me. I want to marry someone like Mr. Knightly someday and I am too much like Emma sometimes. This book is fun, witty, but also has a great message.
Swiss Family Robinson: Dad read this aloud to us and I have such fond memories. It is better than the movie by far. Rose and I did a whole homeschool project based on the things we learned from the book.

Top Five Favorite Christmas stories:
The Swaddling Clothes: This is one of my favorite Christmas stories ever. It is a story that ties many biblical stories together in a neat what-if story.
The Christmas Bride: Grace Livingstone Hill being a favorite, I had to include one of her very sweet Christmas stories as part of this book. I have reread this a couple of times around Christmas.
The Father Christmas Confession: I read this last year and loved it! It felt like a Hallmark movie with a Christian twist. It was awesome!
A Victorian Christmas: I loved this collection. These stories were sweet, historical, and just fun.
Some Christmas Camouflage: This is a beautiful and powerful short story that touched my heart.),
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  1. I don't think I've heard of any of those Christmas books! Yay! More Christmas stories!!!! :) Thanks for sharing!
    It was great having you as part of this party!

  2. Little Women is one of my favorites too. I always try to read more from Miss Alcott each year, because she's truly one of my favorite authors.

    I keep an ongoing list of Christmas books, so that I'll have plenty to read during the month of December. Some Christmas Camouflage is already on there, and I will have to add the other books on your Christmas list that I haven't read yet.

    Great lists!!